(Repost since I was posted to my tumblr) I love running while listening to music. There’s nothing quite like hitting my stride as the playlist hits my favorite, high-energy song and melts away the exhaustion. For that reason, the Tayogo waterproof player has changed how I swim. Its design is simple: a basic MP3 player and frame wraps around the wearer’s head while two earbuds with earplug-like covers sit in the ear. No worries about tangled wires, dropped Airbuds, Bluetooth range, or pockets in swimsuits. Because the product is designed specifically for use underwater, the products’ electronics are insulated from underwater damage. Moreover, the Tayogo’s buttons are responsive but not distracting. Best of all, it can also be used for running. While the black, curvy aesthetic tries to put a modern spin on the design, the product really succeeds for its simplicity and reworking of an old technology. For its simple functionality, cost effectiveness, and durability, the Tayogo will be a staple of my gym bag for years to come.