Most bathrooms (including and especially Harvard bathrooms) are not well-lit. Unfortunately, bad lighting makes it particularly difficult to do things like apply makeup accurately. To correct this problem, the lighted vanity mirror is a helpful product that illuminates the entire face through evenly-spaced lights that wrap around the mirror itself. Adding the light in the mirror makes it far more useful because it reduces reliance on bad overhead room lighting. Further, it is fairly small and does not require a wall mount, making it perfect for college students. 

The mirror has several features that make it especially desirable and modern. Users can change the intensity of the light, for example, to perfect their makeup for day or night looks. In addition, the mirror has dual-sided mirrors with two magnification levels so users can get a close-up look at their face for things like eyebrow tweezing. Finally, rather than having an on/off switch, my mirror simply lights up when you touch the base.