What I Got: Bev Bag Secret Handbag Flask

by post_author

This week I wanted to look at designing something
for discretion. In particular, designs whose invisibility is what makes them
most desirable. Although this conjures up interesting images of espionage
products a la James Bond or Inspector Gadget, I chose a product that’s more
suited to the college lifestyle. The Bev-Bag Secret Handbag Flask sold by
Binocktails makes up for their overt name in subtle design. Borrowing from the
concept of a magician’s bag, the Bev Bag has a false bottom which allows for
the storage of the beverage pouch. The rest of the bag’s interior is fully
functional as a purse.

The beverage is distributed through a nozzle on
the side of the bag, mimicking the nozzle from a bag of wine. What makes this
design discrete is that the nozzle can fold back inside the purse into its own
discrete zipper pouch. The purse is made from the same materials as an ordinary
purse which adds to its discretion. This is a good example of what I think of
as a “compound” design. This means it’s a design that’s in addition to the original
design, rather than any significant alteration.


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