1) Icons:

For my icons I decided to play with a music theme. By playing around with different shape tools as well as using the pen tool to trace a picture I drew, I was able to create a radio, a music note, and headphones.

2) Logo:

For my logo, I decided to redesign the official logo for the National Hockey League in celebration of their “You Can Play” month that celebrates diversity within the sport. I played around with applying a rainbow gradient and tracing the shape of the original logo with the pen tool to apply the gradient to the specific shape.

3) Background:



For the background design, I used a photo I took from my trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia this past summer. I wanted to enhance the colors of the sunset as well as the city and hills below, so I played around with colors, contrast, saturation, and some photo filter effects to emphasize the desired colors and make certain aspects pop out more.