What I’ve Got: Flipboard

by post_author

Flipboard just underwent an app redesign which I think is quite praiseworthy. They’ve refined their UI and UX in such a way that content-curation is much easier for the user. Previously, it would take quite a few screens to get through to curate one’s owns magazines and the act felt unnatural. On top of that, whatever preferences you held simply aggregated themselves into some headlines feed which made absolutely no sense. Before now, I used Flipboard mostly for their “Daily Edition” which was just slightly curated headlines. Now, the magazines appear in a “Home” tab of a slider, which can be easily tailored to a particular user’s preferences. On top of that, customization and blocking of certain sources or unwanted articles is easy and just at the hold of a tap on the unwanted article. All-in-all I find that the new user-flow is much better designed and should warrant some increased engagement hopefully.

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