For this challenge I made three icons, a personal logo, and a slides template.

For the icons, I wanted to try black with white accents as opposed to black lines. I chose images that would be kind of difficult to make and would allow me to practice using the pen tool and the shape builder tool. I like that the shapes are simple but also just detailed enough to be interesting looking.

For the slides I used the website to find a color palette that I liked. I wanted to keep the format simple and clear while still being interesting to look at. Going off of some of the graphic design tips we got in class, I used a palette of 4 colors and stuck with just two types of fonts.

Finally, I made a personal logo which I could use for a portfolio, email signature, or website. I started by playing around with a few different layouts, fonts, and colors, but I ultimately decided that black and white was the most versatile and useful. I really like the way the letter “N” looks and wanted to make that a focal point of the logo.