Challenge 2A

by post_author

This weekend, I had to develop my online portfolio for an event I was applying to, which aligned serendipitously with this weeks’ graphic design challenge. I used Squarespace to design my portfolio, but first laid out my vision for the website via Sketch. In the process, I edited a series of original images using Photoshop (I adjusted the brightness, hue, saturation; lowered the opacity; and placed the images on top of background layers of different colors to complement the photographs). You can view the mockup of my portfolio below, (though for some reason it becomes really blurry when I upload it to Tumblr, so feel free to view my actual website at – still in progress).


Here’s one of the images I edited:


I also played around on Illustrator to design a personal logo. Here’s what I came up with, though I’m not satisfied enough to use it just yet: 


My name in Mandarin means “the moon at dawn,” so the logo incorporates imagery of a crescent moon. 

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