Finally I got my new laptop to replace an old version Macbook Pro I borrowed from my friend for the last semester. I used to use a Macbook Air since 2010 but it was broken because of water damage. Before switching to a new version of Macbook, I doubted whether I should buy a new one or just a second one to save some budget. I am glad that I chose to buy a new one. The most important reason is that this one is very light! with less than 1kg, compared with over 2.5kg of Macbook Pro, I don’t even feel like I am carry a laptop all day long! While there are some negative comments about limiting the USB port, personally I like the design of the new charger. Because it has two separate parts: the power adapter and the charger cable, I can simply store two parts separately so I don’t have to tie the wires all the time and that will damage the wire if I don’t tie it well. 

My old charger always ended up with this look after a long time use. I hope with the new charger design, I don’t have to buy a new one every two or three years. (But who knows what kind of change will be introduced in new version?)