My electric kettle is an essential part of my life in college. 

I’m crazy about tea and I don’t like cold water. My kettle makes it extremely easy to get clean, boiled water quickly. Once the leftover water cools, I then put it in a jug for later use. What I end up with is hot water for immediate use and cooler (naturally filtered!) water for later use.

Aside from its practical uses, the design of the kettle is also extremely easy to use and well-made. The kettle consists of two parts: a plastic platform with an electric cord and a stainless metal kettle body. The handle on the body fits perfectly with my hand and the lid has a simple but effective lever to open it. There are also three small holes on the lid which are small enough to prevent spill but big enough to let out steam. On the inside of the kettle, there is a indented marking which marks the ‘MAX’ water level that can be reached without spillage once the water starts to boil. 

To use the kettle, you simply fill the body with water, connect it to the platform, plug in the cord and turn on the power switch. What I really like is that the kettle will turn itself off once the water boils. This design prevents overheating or fire fears. 

The kettle is extremely desirable for all users. I use it for hot water and tea, but sometimes my roommates will use it to heat up a water pack or make hot chocolate. It’s safe and extremely easy to use. In short, if you value things that make your life easier, this object will be appealing to you!