This week I’ve
decided to examine a design that provokes questions about what makes a product
that product. In particular, I’m referring to the beauty trend which is quickly
becoming a beauty staple: the beauty blender. The purpose of this small foam egg
is to effectively apply foundation and its variants across the face, which
essentially makes it a makeup brush. It’s interesting to think that we would
consider the beauty blender akin to a makeup brush, despite its lack of
bristles or a handle, thereby provoking the question, what makes a product a


For this particular
WIGS, I’m looking at the Evie Silicone Beauty Blender. This variant is an
improvement over the original in that it’s made of silicone, a non-porous material,
thereby maximizing the amount of product that ends up on the user’s face rather
than in the blender. The original blender is made of foam, which allows makeup
to seep in and discolor the product. The shape of the Evie Silicone Beauty
Blender is certainly recognizable as a beauty blender and interestingly, the
company describes the material of the blender as “soft as skin”.