A friend recently gifted me a set of pens from MUJI, a Japanese brand that espouses the values of simplicity, high quality materials, and a streamlined experience. My friend doesn’t normally care much about her choice of writing utensil, but she’s become addicted to these pens lately and wanted to share them. When I picked one up to try it out, it seemed nice but unremarkable, but the more I write with them, the more I appreciate them. The tip is quite fine and allows for small, near writing, which I appreciate as an obsessive notetaker who fills notebooks rapidly. The ink flows very smoothly, relieving me of my usual hand cramps from scribbling notes all day, and it dries quickly, so I haven’t had issues with smudging. The pen is narrow enough to slide into the coil of my notebook, which means I am much less likely to lose it. Overall, the product is simple, streamlined, and good quality – just as the brand promised.