by post_author is an interactive game about life that brings together people from all over the country and exposes them to share moments which do not hinge on political orientation.

The goals of my project are to:

1. Reach a large number of diverse people – Available through Facebook, but groups within the game are chosen from vastly different parts of the country.

2. Have fun – The interactive environment of the game is a stimulation of real life where the player is in control of outcomes affecting themselves .

3. Collaborate- In order to advance to the next stage of the players life, they must work with others through real life scenarios. The example in Poster 1 detailing a pregnancy would arise when a player is in the child-making stage of their life. The player would have to find an individual in their game that has the profession of a doctor, for example, and has created a hospital. 

4. Thought provoking – After a player has worked with a different person to complete a challenge, like having a child, a thought provoking question will appear. Continuing with the pregnancy case: Does the political background of your doctor matter? 

5. Focus is in the future – The ultimate message I want to get across is that our ability to work with others will be vital for the future of our children. This idea is expressed in the ad of Poster 2 and can help reframe discourse on politics. 

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