Competition is something that everyone takes part in at one
time or another. It is a fundamental part of a number of different activities
including sports, jobs and even jobs. Going to an interview you’re competing
against all of the other people who want to work for that company. During a
game there is one team versus another or one person versus another. This is
true for the players on the teams all the way down to the fans routing for
their teams. In most cases this brings people to the same space but tears them
apart as they hope for their team to overcome the other.


Does competition need to pull people apart?? Why can’t it
unite people together? This is where the virtual game comes into the mix. This
game brings people up against each other in a race to finish before the other.
Each player has their own side marked with a color that represents their team.
They travel though a virtual world trying to make it to the top before their
counterpart. The two players can see each other at all times to monitor the progress
of the other. This space is designed to ensure that these two players are
pitted against each other.


At a point in the race each of the players will get to a
task that they cannot accomplish on their own. It would take a while for them
to realize it but they will need to use each other to pass to the next step. It
will show them that no matter how different they are they will rely on one
another to accomplish the task. They will realize that the other person has
useful qualities that can be helpful if they are willing to share.  After the game the people will gain an appreciation
for the person they were out to beat in the beginning.