For this challenge, I am interested in creating:

  1. Experience that is sensory
  2. Something allows for compassion
  3. Requires a person to become vulnerable
  4. Replicable 

With these 4 things in mind, my experience happens at tactile museums like the Exploratorium in SF, children’s museums or science museums. In small groups of 8 to 12, a blind guide will take the participants through a series of exhibits or rooms. Without sight, the participants must rely on the guide and each other to navigate through each room that will focus on different sounds, smells and textures, and wind that involve the museum’s theme. 

The experience happens in pitch black light for an hour. Thus, there is no need for blind folds. Phones and personal items are stored before entering the exhibit space. Each participant is given a cane for the blind to help navigate. The guide will encourage touching to get a sense of the surroundings and kindness. The final exhibit in darkness will be ordering food at a cafe and participants are encouraged to talk to each other about the new museum experience. 

By having this experience at museums, we hope it invites a large swath of participants from various backgrounds, economic groups and creeds. Creating a sense of vulnerability and community by not having vision, the experience seeks for participants not to rely of prejudices.