Wellness Warrior is a free nation-wide program promoting controversial, healthy conversation and relaxation. The sessions will each consist of 30 minutes of conversation, followed by an hour long yoga class. They will be located in large stadiums with yoga mats rolled out prior to arrival, numbered so that attendants can find where they have been placed.


During enrollment, much before a program begins, interested participants will take a survey covering a range of topics. These topics will be so wide as to throw off the participant from what the conversation will consist. It is desired that the program is somewhat of a surprise, so that more people are encouraged to participate. During the experience, attendants will be placed on a mat next to those whose survey answers have differed politically from their own. The goal is to promote healthy controversial conversation.

Why is the conversation meant to be controversial? The idea is that we cater to dual desires of participants wanting to be right, as well as relaxing their minds through yoga. The yoga portion promotes clarity and relaxation of mind, helping to manage the stressful conversation situation.

While the conversations are meant to be controversial, they are also ideally to bring people together by talking about themselves and their lives, they are to remain respectful of their neighbor’s views. The yoga portion will help them fight against their desire to be right, to be a wellness warrior. The yoga will bring them to clarity of mind, reminding attendants how they are all humans, more similar than different.

People of all beliefs and backgrounds as well as age groups are encouraged to participate. No yoga background is necessary to experience Wellness Warrior. Because the event is free, it is desired that all types of people will want to take part in the challenge. No obstacles will be placed on inclusion, sign up can even be done at the gates of the event.

The experience will end with saying that the neighbors will repeat to each other. They will define respect for one another, unifying them further. The saying will consist of ideas such as “the light, the love, and the dreamer in me respects and honors the light, the love, and the dreamer in you.” Attendants will leave feeling relaxed and understood, a newfound look on the divide between humanity as more of a closeness; we need to be warriors together for wellness within the country. The bonds formed will help form the idea of oneness: we are a population who are more different than the same, unified within our patriotism.