by post_author

Re-entry into society for inmates is an incredibly difficult and polarizing process. There are a number of barriers to re-entry but one of the most challenging is finding a job. This topic is especially polarizing, with those who have been imprisoned ineligible for many jobs and for others, are required to check a box about felony convictions. By checking this box, individuals severely hurt their chances of receiving a callback on job applications.

The purpose of this poster is to humanize inmates in an attempt to reduce recidivism which are incredibly high; nearly 67% of prisoners are re-arrested within three years of release. 

There are a number of art programs in prisons that allow prisoners to express their emotions through art and also work on their skills for the future. This art show will be held at the prison and all of the artwork will be the prisoners. The show will be an opportunity for individuals, especially prospective hirers, to see the artwork of prisoners and also better understand the backgrounds of prisoners. Additionally, for prisoners, the art show will be an opportunity to meet prospective hirers and understand some of the reasons why employers are cautious to hire convicts.


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