Well, I don’t have them yet (why are they $159!?)—but I’ve started seeing them around a lot, and am still trying to decide my thoughts on them.

“AirPods will forever change the way you use headphones,” Apple boldly proclaims on the product page.

From a design perspective, these headphones are sleek, minimal, and frankly a bit odd. Noticing people listening to music without wires tangling up everywhere made me realize how unnecessary and ugly the wires on our headphones can be. We’ve all experienced the constant annoyingness of having to untangle our headphones, and to be honest, I feel as though a non-trivial part of my life has been spent doing that. Therefore, the emerging design of headphones makes perfect sense: get rid of any superfluous design, and be left with a much sleeker and easier to use product. As someone who loves minimalism in design, I love the design and these AirPods are definitely up my alley.

But perhaps I’ll wait until they’re a bit more affordable to purchase them; and until then, I’ll just keep staring in awe at their futuristic design every time I see someone using these.

Images from: apple.com