We each carry multiple identities and alliances. Nationality, position and political allegiance are amongst myriad factors that shortcut our opinions. What would we think without them?

Outpost is an immersive theatre experience, designed to make visitors consider if there are fundamental values we can all agree upon.


With the impending destruction of earth, candidates apply for one of just 100 spots on a mission to create a new outpost in space. The experience starts with the online application process, which requests personal details, used to assemble diverse groups.

The premise of urgency and high demand permits the use of a variety of civic and disused properties – community centres, abandoned warehouses, empty office buildings – whilst enabling the show to tour across the country.


The first act is intended to solicit and develop values through group discussion. A moderator and actors would facilitate discussion of this imagined future. Should the candidates reflect the world population, in which case 19 places would be assigned to China and none to Canada? How much individual freedom should be afforded on the colony?

The second act simulates a series of physical and mental challenges on the Outpost. These tasks test various values – individualism, materialism, equality. Candidates know that the group’s score affects their chances of securing a spot on the mission. Can this improve individual’s capacity to listen and communicate?

The final act presents an opportunity for interviewees to make a final pitch for their candidacy, which may include lessons they have learned from the experience. Candidates’ video pitch and team score are posted on a website for public vote – socialising the experience and publicising it to potential visitors. 

The final decision arrives by post a few days later. It is a physical reminder of the experience and what they may have learned from it.