My Alo Yoga Goddess leggings are so comfortable and stylish.  These leggings fit well, with moisture wicking stretch fabric up top, and a stretchy, leg-warmer-esque material on the lower half.  As someone who enjoys doing yoga several times a week, I care about not only how my yoga pants fit and perform, but I like them to look good too.  These leggings come in dozens of color and print combinations so I can mix and match them with different tops for new looks.  The company doesn’t have any stores, except for their flagship store in Beverly Hills, so the majority of their business comes from online sales.  The brand is very well known among avid yogis, and much of the branding/marketing comes from social media, such as the picture below, from Instagram.  Many of their marketing images feature women in exotic locations doing complex yoga poses, adding to the desirability of the product.  And since the brand is still lesser-known compared to brands such as Lululemon and Athleta, I don’t typically run into people wearing the same leggings, which adds to the brands exclusivity.