What I’ve Got: The Upcycled Plastic Cup

by post_author

This week, I explored the concept of “upcycling” a design, if
you will, with the Sturdy Plastic Cup with Silicone Seal. This design is ubiquitous
enough to not originate from a particular brand, though the cup in the pictures
above and below is the “Eco Cup on Ice Reusable Plastic Cup” from Vat19. What
is so interesting about this design is that it takes two ordinary concepts: disposable
plastic cups and reusable water bottles, and combines them to make a unique and
delightful product. The concept is simple: a reusable receptacle for water. But
the design immediately reminds the user of disposable plastic cups handed out
at fast food restaurants, etc, so to see that design in an unexpected form is
delightful. This particular design elevated the plastic cup by using hard, biodegradable
plastic, a double wall to prevent condensation, and a silicone seal to keep
liquids contained.


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