This is a super small detail, but if you’re a fan of store-bought
coffee drinks—you’ve probably come to appreciate this too!

Having survived several reading periods thanks to my favorite soy caramel latte,  I’ve noticed that some coffee
cup lids are better suited for on-the-go consumption than others. 

Starbucks for example:


Their lids, with an open hole for where you sip, are
un-ideal if you’re in a rush and have to carry your coffee– because more than
likely you’ll end up spilling some on your hand and/or shirt as you walk!

I’ve noticed that other places like JP Licks have lids with
a neat feature of a non-spill opening—so there is an extra piece of plastic
that you can push into the hole for when you’re traveling and that you can pull
back and fasten to the  surface of the
lid for when you want to take a drink.


Much better!