The Moleskin Notebook

by post_author

Started in 1997, the initial goal of the Moleskin notebook was to emulate the notebooks used by the most celebrated philosophers and artists of the modern (and post modern) era — a simply designed notebook with warm colored paper and a soft bounding. This association with prestige and noteworthiness gives the brand its initial desirability.

What I find interesting about this notebook is its conscious connection to the brandless notebooks of a bygone era. In a sense, the Moleskin is the recreation and popularization of a ‘vernacular’ form of notebook, one that evolved through the changing requirements and demands of its consumers and ultimately arrived at a perfect (or close to perfect) notebook, with innovations such as the inner cover sleeve. Today, the Moleskin brand extends beyond notebooks but rather sell a lifestyle of worldliness and class.

I personally like the notebooks because of the warmth of their color schemes as well as their simplicity!


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