AstroLocalogy Today and Digestible News Bits


Summary: AstroLocalogy Today curates an endless, scrolling newsfeed
of 1-2 sentence news summaries about local headlines and cosmology with the
links to the full article below the summary. It works as both a WhatsApp group
and a separate app which allows you to search for stories.

The local news articles are mined from other major Indian
news outlets (Times of India, Dainik Bhaskar, etc) and the cosmology articles
are mined from large cosmology sites (, etc).

Story Board:

Motivation: Astrology (Vasthu Sastra in Hindi) plays a
significant role in Indian society, particularly amongst Hindus, and dictates
many everyday actions such as clothing color, daily religious offerings, and furniture
placement. The most relevant part of Vastu Sastra is that every day brings a
new set of recommendations based on the shifting cosmos, thereby fitting the
news format perfectly. Currently, most Indians receive this news from early
morning television programs, the Vastu Sastra sections of their newspapers,
and/or messages from loved ones through WhatsApp.

Local news is extremely varied even between cities in the
same state in India. It also directly affects most citizens as the stories
often revolve around political corruption scandals, infrastructural developments,
and crime. Like Astrology, local news changes every day as well.

Given that 93% of Indian smartphone users use WhatsApp, it
made sense to create a news app which works on the platform and provides
content that looks like articles shared on the platform already. Furthermore,
AstroLocalogy is a scrolling feed of news summaries, which makes the content
perfectly digestible as a WhatsApp group feed.


AstroLocalogy provides these daily Vastu Sastra news
articles to allow people to quickly understand today’s planetary influences and
how they ought to prepare for it (what color should they wear? Is it ok to eat
bananas today? Can you buy oil today? Etc.)**

It also combines the astrology with local news summaries to
allow users to feel engaged with both their planets and local municipalities
and states.

Both these stories will be mined from currently poplar news
organizations within India. Astrocosmology staff will write the 1-2 sentence
article summaries in whichever language the original article was written in.
Each summary will link to the full article below.

**Note: These are completely real questions asked in India
with real answers.

Entry Points:

There are three entry points for AstroLocalogy.

First, is someone shares an AstroLocalogy article via text
message or (most likely) WhatsApp and the user wishes to subscribe to the AstroLocalogy
WhatsApp group. They can click the “Subscribe” button at the bottom of the shared
article to get automatically added to that local AstroLocalogy WhatsApp group. Luckily,
public WhatsApp groups are growing in popularity, thus, this concept will not
be anything new to the seasoned WhatsApp user.  

Second, the user can independently text “AstroLocalogy
[insert local city name]” to ASTROLOCAL (+91 2787656225) to get added to their
local AstroLocalogy WhatsApp group.

Third, the user can download the AstroLocalogy app from
their app store and directly use it from there.

Conversion Strategy:

The user will receive AstroLocalogy articles shared from
friends in their personal WhatsApp groups and can then subscribe to the local
WhatsApp group or download the app.

In order to read the full article after the summary, they
will be taken to the main AstroLocalogy app.

If they would like to
search for a specific keyword, they can click the search button underneath the
article summary in the WhatsApp group and will be taken to the official app.

Under all articles (both summaries and full articles)
in the WhatsApp group and the app, there will be a big Share to WhatsApp button
that will allow users to send AstroLocalogy to their friends, thereby
converting them to users.  

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