What I’ve Got: Victorinox Swiss Army knife

by post_author

Who doesn’t love to be the person who can open a package, can, or wine bottle at a moment’s notice? The one with a screwdriver, saw, and wire cutter all on hand at once? The one who can do anything from pulling out a splinter to cutting logs? If you carry around a Swiss Army knife, you’re that person.
The classic Victorinox Swiss Army knife has become iconic for it’s simple, recognizable design and its unmatched versatility.

American soldiers gave the knife it’s name during WWII as the knives were Swiss military issued and they were unable to pronounce the German name for it. Many models have up to 30 tools packaged into its 3.58” frame. Many tools that can be pulled out have small touches that allow the piece of steel to have uses as many different tools. The piece on the far right in the picture below, for example, is simultaneously a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and a wire-stripper. The end of the tool is a screwdriver, the large cutout is a bottle opener, and the smaller one is the wire-stripper.

I like to carry a Swiss Army knife with me wherever I go. Because it is only 2.6 oz, I can carry it with no thought given to it whatsoever, but every time I need to do any bit of handy work, I know that I’m set.

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