Point3 is a news app which prioritizes accessibility in engaging with India’s new and rapidly growing smartphone user base– a base consisting largely of semi-literate, non-English speakers with limited data bandwidth. To this end, Point3 offers not only an easy-to-use interface and graphics-focused storytelling, but also a 3-tiered system of written details for differing levels of literacy.

The first tier, Headlines, would serve news articles using only headlines built from proper nouns and basic vocabulary to remain accessible to the widest available population. From headlines, users should be able to gain general information about local and national events as well as weather. Scrolling on, users would access the second tier, Blurbs, which offers further details on each story through a combination of short blurbs and supplementary images. Finally, the third tier, Stories, would offer further details in a short paragraph alongside further images and plots if applicable. This would be accompanied by a scrolling bar with the options to share, react with emojis, and comment on the story in order to encourage users to spread the app through existing relationships.

The app hopes to not only acquire new users but retain them as users transition from newcomers with a need for basic news to more seasoned customers with an increasing demand for nuance and complexity. To that end, the 3-tiered system can be viewed as a pipeline for retaining consumers. Delivery of the app would optimally be through partnering with existing mobile manufacturers to offer the platform as a default app, although alternate routes, such as partnering with literacy organizations to promote the app as a means of spreading and developing literacy, are also feasible.

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