ESNTL is a news app that posts 6-8 pieces a day in an easy-to-understand, simple format. The point of this app is to make news easily digestible in a non-overwhelming way to everyone, include those who are only partially literate. ESNTL releases the most important events in the news for that day, locally and globally, through pictures and short captions. In 4-5 cartoons or photos, the viewer can quickly get the gist of the story and in under 5 minutes get the lowdown for the day. The third option is for uplifting stories such as heart-warming events or interesting opinion pieces for some emotional balance. ESNTL can work all over the world and tailors the news provided for the day to the region where it is being accessed, so users can see what specifically they need to know unbiasedly. There is also the feature of the alert bar which lists safety alerts for the surrounding area. For those who have limited access to wifi or data, ESNTL offers the option of downloading the news for the day to read later offline. Users can customize which category or stories to download and have the additional option of downloading all at once. Settings also permit users to have the news download automatically when connected to wifi so that the app is loaded up for later without any hassle. This feature is especially useful for commuters. 

Since the app is for everyone, ESNTL offers the option of having the piece read aloud in multiple languages. Users will want to use this app because it makes news accessible and keeps them updated on the most important information.