What I’ve Got: Richard McGuire’s HERE


In Richard McGuire’s graphic novel (and magnum opus) HERE, we see the same unadorned corner of a room in a house change over time. In its 35 panels, ranging from the years 500, 957,406,073 BCE to the year 2033 CE, a space is transformed into a place, and a place into a home. 

The graphic novel’s stylistic simplicity is astounding. From its brilliant usage of (a)symmetrical, one-point perspective (that echoes the great works of Kubrick to recently, Wes Anderson’s temporal fascination with using different aspect rations in GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL) to an exacting, geometric understanding of space and time, McGuire reaches at something at once astoundingly beautiful and deeply haunting. 

As we move through each era, McGuire explores and questions the very elements that many humans find essential
to define home and heart – whether that be family, friendships, “belonging” to society, or
even finding that perfect sofa to really tie their room together.

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