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Indimize provides its readers with one brief news story a day in each of three categories: state news, national news, and world news. It provides value to its readers by being the first news app they check every day, minimizing decision fatigue through careful curation. Since users only have one story per region, Indimize builds itself into two minutes of every Indians’ morning routine. 

Indimize’s brevity is its most engaging quality. Along with the fact that users only have three stories to choose from, which encourages users to read all three stories, the stories themselves are quite short–no longer than 4 panels and a few paragraphs. It’s the happy medium for people who don’t want to just scroll through headlines but who also don’t want to read entire articles. 

The format most similarly matches email newsletters I find most engaging, which offer readers a few paragraphs on three to five topics each. I was most inspired by the financial newsletter email Finimize. In a country where states could be countries in their own right, Indimize pays particular attention to the local politics of its users, as evident on the sign up screen. 

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