Toon In: Political Digest

by post_author

Political cartoons are an incredible vehicle for understanding — condensing entire news stories and social climates into small graphics with very little text. I wanted to create a tool that harnesses their valence for India’s growing mobile user-base. Toon In provides users with an updated feed of the most relevant local and global political cartoons.


Behind each cartoon is a one sentence explanation, which is available in a text and audio format. The user can follow along with the audio as the current word being spoken is highlighted. In this manner, the application functions not only as a news digest but also as a literacy training tool (as many projected users are illiterate). The UI encourages users to upvote or downvote the daily offerings, as well as share then with friends and family via social media and messaging. 


In the settings section, one can select what kind of news he or she would like to see in the feed (local and/or world) as well as adjust the speed of the voice-over audio.


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