The top story on the homepage is always a visual summary of the news in pictures. This feature encourages readers to return to the app throughout the day to quickly get up to speed with what is happening in India and abroad.

A simple one field form permits users to sign up to a daily email newsletter featuring content from the app – encouraging them to form a habit of using the service as a news source.

Stories are presented as a vertical stack of images. A concise supporting narrative appears below each image – overlapping the next image until it scrolls into view.

This image-first approach provides impact and emotion. Supporting text provides brief context through narration, facts, numbers and quotes. A highlight colour is used to help readers skim the article.

It should be possible to tap and hold an image to share it, and the bite-sized text, by email and social media. The header permits navigation back to the homepage and the facility to share the entire piece. At the end of the article, a link to the next story appears.

By maintaining separate image and text content, stories can be easily repurposed in other languages