24/7 NEWS

by post_author

24/7 NEWS is an app for daily news consumption, aiming at semi-literate consumers in developing countries . The interface is kept very minimal and easy to navigate. The reader can choose between local and world news from a clearly visible top bar. All the news stories are introduced through an image and simple headline. The stories are clearly tagged with keywords. Through repeated selection of the keywords, the user’s newsfeed will be customised over time.


Unless otherwise customised, the interface displays always two news stories, one local and one international. Key stories are sometimes also displayed full-screen. A clickable grey icon indicates any stories which feature audio content. Through swiping from right to left, the user can scroll through the stories. A simple click on any image takes the reader inside the selected feature.


Once inside the story, the reader can either read or hear the full content and scroll from top to bottom. The news stories are brief and broken up with additional images. The reader can save articles for future reading.

News images and content: http://www.reuters.com/news/pictures

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