Stories from Yesterday is a news platform that connects two of the most challenging groups in news. According to US News, the least “read” group of people is children from the age of 10-18. The least read subject in journalism is Humanities related news. “Stories from Yesterday” is a news platform (could easily be an Instagram or Snapchat account) with several additional features. The app empowers users to interact with each news article by contributing 30 second “selfie” videos in which the user responds to screen-promoted questions about the news. This technique allows users to remember what they read and trains short and long term memory retention. My inspiration for this feature came from the movie “Nerve” in which players participate in the game by filming short videos to game challenges 

Why is it engaging Format: Short videos keep teenagers’ attention.

Why do people find it worth reading? 1) students are presenting the material 2)Humanities are not seen in the news often. It is refreshing and different Potential challenge: students aren’t exposed to specialized humanities topics in middle and high school. Thus, it is difficult to engage interest in these subjects.

How will users tell friends and family? Users will be able to share specific news “shorts” to friends via chat or group chats. Users will swipe scree right to switch to selfie camera mode to film commentary. 

The first 6 boards details content of a short. The last two detail the user response.