Challenge Half: NewsFlash

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For this challenge, I designed an app I call NewsFlash. The idea is that the user will get a quick snapshot of daily news in a fast, easily-digestible way (in a flash). The first page is just a simple start screen that allows the user to log in or create an account. 


The second page is the account creation page, where the user will enter some very simple information about his- or herself, most importantly: 1) what language they speak, 2) what country they live in, and 3) what types of news they would like to hear about. These questions are all intended to personalize the news that the user receives and make sure that they are not having to scroll through tons of irrelevant articles before finding what they’re interested in. 


The third page is the true home page for the logged-in user. I wanted it to be simple and clean but still professional looking. Based on the personal information entered by the user, the app will automatically generate three of the most relevant articles every day for the user to read. The screen indicates what general topic the article falls under, and also includes a title and illustrative photo. At the bottom is a button that allows the user to refresh the provided articles if they are not seeing ones they want to read. 


The final two pages give an idea of what an article will look like. Within the article is a scroll feature that allows the user to digest the information in small parts, each with a related photo. The dots on the bottom show which page is being looked at. At the bottom of the page, there is a link directing the user to more in-depth, detailed articles on the subject if he or she wants to learn more. 


I designed the prototype in English, but the idea is that the user will be able to read articles in their language of choice by selecting that during account creation. A few notes on strategy:

– The ability to refresh the articles on the home page was my way of keeping users engaged. They can refresh if they are not interested in the original articles provided, or they can refresh if they just want more articles to read. 

– The app would be marketed under the idea that it provides extremely easy to understand snapshots of news happening in the user’s region of interest. Articles can be read in under a minute, but eager users can also use the app as a springboard from which to locate more detailed information on the news stories provided. The fact that the app can link to other webpages or apps means that it is not self-contained and thus provides flexibility for users in deciding how much they want to engage with the app. 

– The “share” button at the top of the article, when clicked, will allow the user to share the article with friends or family via text, email, or various social media accounts that will request permission from NewsFlash.

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