For this challenge, I propose an app with a simple, visual map to guide users through a news story. 

The application is primarily icon and image-based, so the user can become familiar with different symbols and will not be overwhelmed by text and a busy interface. The home page has three icons, which can be modified based on the user’s preferences:

Upon selecting the news topic, the application outlines the top three news stories in that field. How the top three stories are selected can be modified based on political or geographical relevance, popularity globally or nationally, or trending across the user’s contact group.

Upon selecting a news story, the user is redirected to a map which navigates them through the key facts of a news story, with the option to read more. For this storyboard, I used “what, where, who, and more” as the key facts. These components can change based on the news story, and could be presented without text, and instead, just icons. 

The user is then navigated through the key news story components. Each story section has quick facts and a picture, along with the option to chat or share the news story with contacts. The last page provides the user with links to read further about certain aspects of the story. 

This application is engaging because it is simple, easy to use, and still customizable. Showing the user visually how the story is broken down through a map allows them to select the components they are interested in, or at least know what exactly the story will cover. The integration of chatting with family and friends allows for an easy-to-use social component, enticing more users to use the app. In addition, machine learning could propose select news stories based on the user’s history, to improve future news story suggestions.