by post_author

Knews is a simple platform that conveys news and current
events to users in a pictorial manner. Rather than navigating through a
homepage with various news related subcategories, the user is immediately
presented with the most popular article upon opening the app. The title of the article
is clearly displayed at the top of the page, and the article’s content is
summarized by the center illustration. If the user is interested in the story,
he/she has the ability to swipe/touch upward to display the finer details and
the main text.


Additionally, the user has the ability to swipe/touch right
or left to indicate a positive and negative preference respectively about the
article. Over time, knews will learn the user’s tendencies and present him/her
with specific articles in line with the user’s interests.


Knews not only recommends certain articles but also allows
the user to scroll and search through an illustrated database of trending news


In this way, knews presents the user with both targeted and popular
news headlines in an illustrated manner.

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