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FIVE is a news app with the following features: 5 people group subscription, 5 hottest news both from the world and the local that can be read offline, and 5 panels telling each story. By limiting the contents as little as possible, the app can deliver the appropriate information to the people in need in the simplest way.


Users can choose their language and region, and the language and the area of local news will accommodate accordingly.


As long as one person in a group has an internet connection, all the news can be downloaded to the apps of all the members, and they can read them offline. Considering the situation in developing countries where only few people have internet connections, sharing the Internet and the news can bridge the digital gap among them. In addition, we can gain five users instead of one at one time, so the expansion of the app should be broader and quicker.


In this app, we provide only 5 hottest news each from the world and the local per day in order to let people efficiently collect information. Most of the news app has too many features, which confuse people who are not accustomed to the current technology, so I narrowed down the amount of information.


All the news will be delivered with 5 panels in an illustrative form. In order to deliver the contents universally, we will use simplified icons as much as possible.


all the images from Huffington Post

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