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PhotoNews is a mobile application designed for semi-literate users who do not have access to high-end technology. The app allows users to improve their English vocabulary through
reading the news and appreciating current events through photographs.

PhotoNews presents news stories through photos by curating the photographs from Reuters, BBC, and other news outlets. This edition is for Spanish speakers, but users are able to select their language of choice using the navigation bar. First, users will select the category of news they would like to view, such as national, world, or business.


Once the user selects a news category, users can scroll through a collection of photographs.


If the user is interested in a particular photo and would like to learn more, he/she can click on the photo to reveal a headline and 1-2 sentence article about the news story.

Since the user is likely not fluent in English, he/she can then select individual words in the headline and article to learn more about the word used. For example, by selecting the word “restrict,” a definition of the word in the user’s primary language will appear. Additionally, the user can listen to the pronunciation of the word, similar to a Spanish-English dictionary.


In the navigation bar, the user can select “Vocabulary,” which collects all the words the user has clicked on while using the app. The “Vocabulary” function allows the user to review the words and definitions, similar to flashcards. The Vocabulary functionality will also allow users to study words offline.


Users are able to share both their vocabulary flashcards and news photographs on social media, which increases interaction and allows others to learn about the app. People recommend watching or reading the news to learn a new language, and this app allows users to build their vocabulary while also learning about news through great photography.

Template: Canva; News Source: Reuters 

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