Although now available for purchase only by schools/education, Apple’s 11 inch Macbook Air is a product I have (come to) know and love. Originally given to me as a gift, I found myself wishing that the screen and keyboard were (a mere 2 inches) wider – especially when it came to YouTube vids or Netflix. However, now that I’m a college student and literally carry my laptop everywhere with me (and am watching less Netflix), I’ve come to truly appreciate the size and weight: my laptop can fit into any purse I own, and is great for those longer treks around campus. The zoom function on any webpage/pdf makes the size difference pretty much negligible for text, as well. 

Since Oct of last year, Apple rolled out the new Macbook with a 12 inch screen, an exact compromise between the 11 and 13 inch screens they used to offer. While the 13 inch has remained (now upgraded), the 11 inch unfortunately can only be purchased through a school system or university affiliate. This makes sense, as I’ve found this size to be attractive only after coming to college!