What I’ve Got: Multi-purpose Pen

by post_author

I got this cool, multi-purpose pen from a meeting.


Its design allows it to be used in three main ways:

1. As a pen:


Twisting the top part allows the pen to switch in and out.

2. As a stylus:


When the pen is twisted in, the rubber tip can be used as a stylus for phones, tablets, etc.

3. As a phone holder/support:


The rectangular space at the top of the pen is used to hold your phone (or other device that fits) for working out, watching videos and keeping your hands free. I found that phones with curved backs don’t stay secured as well and have a tendency to pop out. 

The pen also has a felt-like, spongy material (could be whiteboard eraser material) on the flat, top surface of the pen whose purpose I have not yet figured out. I’ve tried cleaning my phone screen, which doesn’t work. Since the material is very similar to whiteboard eraser, that could be its use.


It’s very interesting to see how a pen can be manipulated to have so many more functions than just writing. Simple design changes give it more value and desirability for consumers.

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