My favorite studying spot around Harvard campus: Gutman library at Graduate School of Education. The reason why I like to study at Gutman is not because I am the student from EdSchool, but because it is the only place where I can stand up while studying. As I began to search the benefit of studying desk, according to Mark Benden, an associate professor at Texas A&M who researches classroom ergonomics and childhood obesity. he found that overweight students can 23 more calories per hour (equals to 575 more per week) than did their seated peers. Teachers also say that students are more focused while standing at in the classroom. However, the reason why standing desks are not widely used in classroom or library is because standing desks typically cost 20 to 50 percent more than traditional desks, or roughly $100 per student. Personally I choose to study at standing desk because standing is an effective way to keep me from falling asleep.