Wearable Story: Allbird’s Men Wool Runners

by post_author

Here it is, folks! Searching for a minimalist comfy, wool-based running shoe that you can slip-on without wearing socks? Hm, maybe you’re hunting the interwebs for something a little more fashionable. Something that sort of looks like a pair of Adidas’ Yeezy Boosts? Look no further!


Allbirds’ Men Wool Runners is an affordable, athletic shoe that features a lightweight, breathable and flexible build. Its woolen interiors – harvested from Merino sheep in Australia –  conforms to your foot like a sock.


It also might just be the most popular, recent-entry in the growing market of “Athleisure”: a gentrified, minimalist take on Nike’s Roshe. The popularity of Allbirds – amidst Silicon Valley VCs (http://read.bi/2bw5Sfl) and tech publications like Wired (http://bit.ly/2jPprni) – marks yet another significant addition to the “millennial consumerist’s” move away from Sneakerheadism (Air Jordans with crazy colors, etc.). One may also wonder if the shoe’s success may also be attributed to its lack of a big brand (a fashion trend that has been noticed amidst several demographics as of late – http://faze.ca/fashion-debate-brands-vs-no-brands/).


Perhaps the shoe’s unbranded nature and simplicity of design indeed motivated me to buy a pair for my out-of-shape self (who has since been running regularly in them!).

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