Harry’s was a disruptor in the shaving industry, created by
Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider (founder of Warby Parker). The two
men were fed up with overpriced shaving kits from large companies
and decided to create a business with a better and more convenient
service, without sacrificing quality and at lower prices for their


The Harry’s design theme is purposeful and clearly exudes its brand
persona as a fresh boutique and high-end shaving experience for a
fraction of the cost. The first thing you notice about its packaging and
web design is the sophisticated look and feel. The minimalistic, modern
but high end design underlines its promise to deliver a no-nonsense
shaving experience at the highest quality. The backbone of the design is
its simple yet playful color scheme, and an equally simple but playful
font (Brandon Grotesque if my eye is correct). This is a great example
of design that not only induces the right emotions, but also conveys the
product’s core competencies.