Fjällräven(Arctic Fox) comes from Sweden, where 64 percent of its land is covered by forest. Outdoor activities are popular. In 1950’s, a 14 year-old boy found that lifting bags as high as possible and make it closer to back greatly reduce the weight. He made a wood frame to his bag pack so that weight could evenly across his back and bag did not end up uneven, pear-shaped, and uncomfortable. And that is the model of Fjällräven classic bag pack Kanken. Kanken bag was originally designed for school children in Sweden who suffered from backache. People think highly of it when it just came into the market in 1978.

What makes it popular around the world in recent years attributes to its fundamental ideas that is functional, durable, and timeless. It is a bag for 365 days. Large volume, water-proof material and multiple choices in size and color make it matches to different events throughout the whole year. I particularly like the design of the straps. They are relatively thinner than normal bag packs which makes it look more casual. For me, I use it as a bag to school, work, travel, shopping… It functions as an everyday bag. Also, it can be paired with anything daily wear, which saves me a lot of time and money.