Designing a great track jacket is not an easy task. The jacket needs to be light, easy to move in, comfortable, and warm. No one wants to look bad when they workout either, so a great jacket is also stylish. Enter New Balance’s N Transit Quarter Zip.


Made of polyester and spandex, the jacket is very light and also deceptively warm. In the fall and winter months, when athletes usually need to wear many layers while running outside, just wearing this jacket is suitable for the cold. Besides the material, this is due to the high collar which protects the neck,  the thumb holes built into the sleeves which can double as pseudo-gloves and keep the sleeves from riding up, and the layer of wind-resistant material woven in. A small touch, which certainly does not go unnoticed by runners who choose to grind out their workouts in the dark, is the reflective logo and lines on the sleeves. These subtle safety features pop out in the dark when headlights are shined on them.

The jackets, which are plain except for a team logo and the New Balance logo, are sleek and simple. They are fashionably tight, which makes the wearer look athletic as well. Zipped up, the wearer looks ready to be an athlete, while the jacket can look more casual when zipped down. The Quarter Zip works because of the immense thought put into making the jacket highly functional for all types of weather at all times of day while also looking cool and trendy.