Wearable Story: Life is good

by post_author

The Life is good brand is based on a simple idea. Brothers Bert and John Jacobs were nearly broke when they took one of their drawings of a happy stick figure wearing a beret and put it on some shirts with the caption “Life is good.” After selling all 48 of their shirts in under an hour at a street fair in Harvard Square, the brothers turned their idea into a business, and from there it has grown into a multimillion dollar national business.


The brand succeeds because of its simplicity–the t-shirts depict the stick figure, Jake, playing sports, music, and being outdoors and being happy while doing it. These designs are fun and encourage people to do what makes them happy. The Jacobs brothers’ goal has always been to spread optimism and “good vibes,” and this apparel has taken off because these feelings are manifested in the designs on the shirts.


I have always loved Life is good gear because the founders grew up in my hometown. It is always enjoyable wearing t-shirts with Jake hiking, playing soccer, or playing baseball. The Life is good festival in Boston was a staple of my childhood, as well.



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