I received these as a sort of “welcome back to university” gift from a friend who works at 3M. This is definitely an item I never would have bought for myself- I didn’t see the need in having both flags and a highlighter attached. Not to mention that the whole concept seems bulky. However, I have found these highlighters extremely handy and use them all the time.  

The lower portion of the highlighter is much more narrow than I expected, given that the top would need to be large to hold post-it flags, so it is actually quite comfortable to hold. The top of the pen has a protrusion to attach the cap when in use, and there is a grippy section where your hand is positioned. The main benefit I find with having this product is that I always know where my post-it flags are. With separate post-it flags, the tiny container always gets lost in the bottom of my bag, and they are never handy when I need them quickly. I can’t say that I use the post-its and the highlighter functions simultaneously, but I do see the value in that, and think it is just a feature I am not used to yet. 

In terms of how the product looks visually, I still think it appears bulky, despite the smooth transition from large top to slim bottom. It also feels a little top-heavy at times, but is quite sleek considering the functionality. I would consider this design successful in combining two common note-taking items in a relatively compact, comfortable form.