The rise of reversible products has taken rise – from reversible bags to shower curtains to jackets. With increasingly more consumer choices, providing people with two options that they can easily interchange as they please is appealing. As someone who likes to wear bright colors on some days and more monotone, classic colors on other days – having a jacket that can complement any of my outfits and moods is incredibly convenient. It’s almost a “2 for 1 deal”. 

While there does not seem to be clear documentation on whom started the trend, the idea of reversible jackets have been mentioned in ancient texts. Ancient shepherds used to have a reversible jacket in which one side was worn on warmer days and the other side worn on cooler days. Asia seemed to be the first to adopt the style in the form of the Obi, a reversible belt worn with kimonos, and hikeshibanten, a reversible jacket worn by Japanese firefighters.

As people started to travel more and have less space, reversible clothing has also become attractive to consumers.