The Origin of Scarf

is assumed that Ancient Rome is the origin of the scarf. It was used to keep
men clean and wiping sweat rather than for keeping warm. In Rome, it was called
the ‘Sudarium’, which can be translates to English from Latin as “sweat
cloth”. A man would carry one with him while he worked in hot weather
to combat perspiration, wearing it either around his neck or on his belt.


Historians believe that during the reign of
the Chinese Emperor Cheng,
scarves made of cloth were used to identify officers or the rank of Chinese


Becoming a Fashion Item

Popular fashion houses manufactured scarves as fashion items
in the 1800s. These were usually made from silk with ornate patterns, the most
notable examples being those by Hermès。



Infinity Scarf

Scarves moved up in popularity as a common accessory for both
men and women as the 20th century wore on. And the infinity scarf involved
through all kinds of scarfs. The exact inventor and time of its invention could
not be confirmed. However, it is noticeable
that the infinity scarf is very like the origin style of scarf, which makes me wondering
if the very first scarf would be the inspiration of infinity scarf. Besides,
there’s a lot of name for infinity scarf such as Mobius scarf, scowl scarf. The
wearing style of is various as well, way more than just a loop.