Introduced in 1988, the New Balance 574 are among the most iconic sneakers ever made. With clean lines and highly defined fields of color, the 574 have a timeless visual design accompanied by the incredible level comfort that New Balance has come to represent.

The main reason I bought my pair of 574s is for durability. Over the breaks, I tour extensively and cannot bring many articles of clothing. Shoes, especially, take up a lot of space. Thus, I looked for one pair of shoes that could withstand a large amount of wear and still hold up quality-wise and style-wise. I decided on the New Balance 574 because they match easily with most if not all styles of clothing and are warm in the winter, breathable in the summer, comfortable both for sitting and moving around.

The story of the 574 starts back in 1908 when William Riley founded the company that would become New Balance, basing his initial sneaker support design on the three-toed feet of chickens. It took until 1988, however, for the 574 to enter the picture, manufactured with material left over from other shoes to become New Balance’s flagship sneaker.