The Skullcandy Riff noise isolating earphones offer a high quality sound experience but at an affordable price (These specific earphones run around $10 on Amazon). The earphones are lightweight and hardly noticeable when wearing, contrary to their bulky headphones counterparts that also offer noise-isolating features. The soft buds on the earphones are removable and packages include 3 sets of different sized buds. The earbud itself is lightly tilted inward so its easier to insert it into your ear and the soft buds are very comfortable to wear.
These earphones also offer a lightweight remote (Play, Stop mechanisms) right on the cable. What I really like about this earphone is that I’ve had it for around 3 years, and it hasn’t broken (yet); most earphones I’ve purchased have a lifespan of at most 6 months, and although these earphones have suffered books dropping on them and an occasional dip into a mug of coffee, they still work perfectly. The sound quality is also superb given its price point.